No crypto bot comes close Make trades in your sleep with Gunbot.
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No crypto bot comes close Make trades in your sleep with Gunbot.
We are the biggest crypto trading botting community with more than 7000 active users. The most important thing for us is to keep the highest quality standards support. We provide support via Telegram group, email, Whatsapp and Skype. Apart from our Telegram support group, we offer personalized 1 on 1 support, including remote support via Teamviewer. On the other hand, our dev team is constantly working on releasing new improved versions. Our goal is to keep adding new features, trading strategies and make the most efficient bot possible. Gunbot provides an automated cryptocurrency trading bot. Provides both user-based trading strategies and built-in trading strategies.
  • About this strategy This strategy uses ATR to calculate trailing stops to provide buy and sell signals when volatility increases or decreases and crosses the trailing stop.
  • Our GunBot review will help determine if GunBot is the right tool for you.
  • Quantum Markets is The safest place to buy and exchange crypto.
  • Due to the complexities of this platform, it’s more popular amongst experienced traders or with traders who want to take their trading beyond casual.
  • Best crypto trading bot platform trusted by thousands of traders.
The Gunbot back testing add-on takes place on and lets you back test almost all of the strategy parameters available in Gunbot. It can also be used to send alerts based on Gunbot strategies, to be executed by Gunbot with the TradingView add-on. You can use industry standard indicators to analyse the markets for specific conditions to trade on. Choose between anything from the ADX, RSI, Stochastic, StochRSI, MFI, Moving Averages and more. Look for buying market conditions where price is above the 14-day EMA but there is a pull-back with the Stochastic crossing below 20. You should consider whether you fully understand them and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. The content of Coin Argus does not constitute any type of investment advice. It almost appears to be trying to discourage casual to mid-level users. Just keep in mind, there can be no guarantee on how well any customised or predeveloped strategy will perform. The back-testing add-on can be helpful top help us get an idea of historical performance, but again, this is by no means any reflection on how well a strategy will perform moving forward. Keep in mind that the historical data will need to be available from the exchange and there are a few methods that cannot be back tested such as the time series analysis method.

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I was looking for an aggressive trading strategy and I had to pick one. TradingView Addon is a powerful Addon that can take your trading to the next level. TradingView Addon allows Gunbot to execute buy and sell signals from traders from Just choose one reputable scrypt and Gunbot will check for buy and sell signals in your email every 2 seconds. This way, the trading signals will be executed 24/7 on autopilot, and much faster than any human trader regardless you are sleeping or just enjoying away from the computer. Currently the supported Exchanges are Binance, Binance US, Bitmex, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Coinbase Pro, Kukoin, HitBTC,, Poloniex, Kraken, Huobi and many more (100+). We are constantly working to add new exchanges to assure our bot works on the most popular exchanges and the ones with highest volume. is often referred to as a trading bot program that is hard to use for novice users, and is recommended for professional crypto traders. Utilizing a blend of signals, strategies, and various indicators, Gunbot analyzes the cryptocurrency market on specific exchanges. Gunbot does not recommend that any asset should be bought, sold, or held by you. Nothing on this website should be taken as an offer to buy, sell or hold a cryptocurrency. The crypto trading bot is installed on your own Hardware, either locally or remotely . I purchased the robot two days ago and it works better than expected.

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HaasOnline- Best crypto trading bot platform trusted by thousands of traders. Best crypto trading bot platform trusted by thousands of traders. It supports eight of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges. You can also use it to run on a specific exchange in order to execute trading strategies like Ichimoku, Ping-Pong and TSSL. The TradingView add-on can enable Gunbot to execute trading alerts that are sent from This means that users are able to create fully customised trading strategies, using pine script at TradingView. GUNBOT is a great option for anyone looking for a lifetime bot. Other platforms require you to make payments for operating their software continually. While this strategy is ok for short-term use, it becomes a serious drain when examining the long-term payments made. Double up is a Gunbot method for automatically averaging down assets, also called dollar cost averaging or DCA for short. This allows you to reach a lower average price per unit when prices keep on moving down, making for a lower possible exit price. Of course, if price keeps on moving down, this DCA strategy can increase overall loss. Gunbot Trailing StopGunbot shows visual targets using the TradingView charting library. This means that the targets of a trading strategy are clearly visualized. Users can therefore easily tune their strategies without even having to leave the chart. There are also some unique perks you gain when you become a part of the GUNBOT community.

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Austin DeNoce is a writer, personal investor, and entrepreneur who is focused on trading and investing education for macro, crypto, equities, derivatives, and foreign exchange traders. He graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a bachelor’s in philosophy and carries a deep passion for a first-principles approach to investing and education therein. Austin specializes in topics related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. The first one, the telegram integration, will allow you to track your profits, monitor your trades, and even modify your settings on the go straight from telegram. Some of the best features of the Gunbot platform are the various integrations and add-ons it provides. SaaSHub is an independent software marketplace. Our goal is to be objective, simple and your first stop when researching for a new service to help you grow your business. We will help you find alternatives and reviews of the products you already use. One of the main areas that Gunbot does great in, is user support. They have an abundance of information freely available on the official Gunbot website. gunbot GUNBOT is one of only a select few bots that provide you with a lifetime license. When you combine this option with the flexibility and expanding features the bot offers, GUNBOT comes out as a major contender in the market. GUNBOT works similarly to most automated trading software. You will need to program the bot’s trading actions before you can be used. Also, you are required to connect to a supported exchange utilizing the platform’s API. This API is secure and provides a responsive trading experience for the bot. The community of thousands of active traders is what makes Gunbot great. Read more about
ethereum calculator here. New strategies and trading features are almost always based on input from power users and tested extensively before public release. Check out the overview of all Gunbot features to learn more about what you can expect. Generate profits by automatically executing your trading strategies. What sets Gunbot apart from other bots are the innovative strategies, speed, extreme flexibility and awesome user community. Targeted at both professional and amateur traders, software applications such as Gunbot democratize access to precise and sophisticated trading strategies. Kraken has a long-standing relationship with Gunbot, as our spot exchange integrated its technology in 2016. gunbot For more information about Kraken, please visit Thank you for choosing Kraken, the secure and trusted digital asset exchange group. Sign up today to make sure you are ready for the trading competition. Cash To Crypto was formed in 2013 to provide a simple solution for pur...

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TURBO PAY (TBP) Is Now Available for Trading on LBank Exchange.

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There are always significant risks involved with trading online. You will often find that NPM will already have a module for each method of analysis that you can use. You can even use alternative data sources in addition to the data coming directly from the exchange. The first step is to download Gunbot, unzip the file and launch it. Trading botsOur experts have drawn a list of reliable cryptocurrency trading bot providers, offering high performance at an adequate price. These licenses offer essential features like accessibility to all of the supported exchanges, unlimited trades and Unlimited pairs throughout lifetime usage. Not much we can do about adapting our brains, but with the second factor the responsibility lies completely within our choice. The second factor is our choice of crypto trading bots. They can run unlimited instances of Gunbot, creating as many custom strategies as they like with as many configuration changes as needed. There are no limits on the number of trading instruments that you can trade simultaneously with Gunbot. You can trade a single or more than a hundred markets at once.

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